A Husband’s Wedding Prayer

Here is a prayer that was prayed by a newly-married man.
Within it, perhaps other young men will find similar hopes and aspirations:

“Dear Jesus, at the dawn of our marital lives, I thank you for this wonderful girl that you have entrusted to my care. May our life together bring forth the full bloom of love within our hearts. Fill me with the gifts and the fruit of your Holy Spirit that I may prove to be a loving and faithful husband. Guard my thoughts that my voice never lose the tender tone it has known throughout our courtship. May no deed or word of mine dim the eyes of the precious individual you have given to me.

Thank you for prompting her to risk her happiness by making a covenant with a man she has only begun to know. Grant that I may be worthy of her love and trust as she takes my name as her own. Give me strength as I shoulder the responsibility of our home life. Bless our union, that it be pure and holy before you.

Endow us both with deep devotion to one another and to you. Help us to keep our prayer time with you as a sacred daily tryst. May we build a love for you in the hearts of the children you will give us. We acknowledge you as our Lord, our Master and our source of all spiritual and monetary blessings. Knowing that life does not unfold without moments of disappointment, we pray now for special endowments of your Spirit as difficult times cross our path. Guide us by your Word and give us direction for each struggle we face.

Help me make our home a shelter and a refuge for this beautiful young lady you have blessed me with. May I ever prove worthy of her affection. Allow our home to be filled with love and laughter with you as the true Head of our home. Bind us together with something greater than our wedding vows; as a brother and sister in Christ by your precious Holy Spirit. And when our youth has vanished, when our children are grown with families of their own, may we be found walking hand in hand in the bond of your eternal love, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.”

After nearly four decades of dynamic marriage, their honeymoon is still going strong.

This is possible for every couple, if Jesus is truly the Head of the home.

                                                                        – Dr. John Knoles

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