Infatuation or Love?

A couple who has an intense physical attraction often finds it difficult to know if they are in love.  The following questions are designed to help determine whether the relationship is based primarily on physical feeling or if it is mature love.

  1. Is the relationship based on a mutual love for the Lord Jesus?
  2. Are you good companions apart from sexual interest in each other?
  3. Does your friend encourage spiritual growth?
  4. Do you share similar values and goals?
  5. Do your parents and close friends approve of your relationship?
  6. Are you comfortable with the same type of people?
  7. Are you satisfied with the dominance-submission roles in the friendship?
  8. Do your personalities complement each other?
  9. Can you enjoy one another when you are not conversing?
  10. Can you share your innermost thoughts and feelings?
  11. Does mutual respect characterize your relationship?
  12. Do you agree on limits you have placed on sexual intimacy?
  13. Does the friendship bring out your best qualities?
  14. Are you proud of your friend when you interact with other people?
  15. Are you attracted to others while you are dating your friend?
  16. Has your relationship pushed out other legitimate interests from your life (e.g., studies, music practice, etc.)?
  17. Are there things about your friend you would like to change?
  18. Is your friend able to accept constructive criticism?
  19. Do your disagreements end in conflict?
  20. Would you want your friend to become the parent of your children?


Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.