Premarital:  Fifty Questions Concerning Compatibility

Print two copies of this form. After completion, exchange papers with your sweetheart and discuss.

      Answer all questions with a Yes, No  or Maybe.

1._______I am comfortable with my partner’s friends.
2._______At times, I have strong doubts that I’ve chosen the right mate.
3._______I have grown up with healthy feelings about sex.
4._______We agree concerning what the role of a mother should be in raising our children.
5._______We have discussed where we will live after marriage.
6._______We are in agreement about who’ll be in charge concerning money.
7._______I’m concerned that financial help from my in-laws may cause problems. 
8._______We are happy about which household chores belong to whom.
9._______My partner is too busy for us to do enough things together.
10.______We have decided how many children we will have: the number is______.
11.______I feel comfortable about my mate spending time with his/her friends.
12.______It is agreed that the wife is to be a “stay-at-home” mom.
13.______There’s no question in my mind that my future mate will be a good parent.
14.______Our educational goals are alike.
15.______I think that my future partner may return to substance abuse.
16.______I’m content with the ways we show affection toward one another.
17.______I feel at ease with my partner most of the time.
18.______Sex is something I want very much.
19.______We agree on the genders of the children we would prefer to have.
20.______ I’m comfortable with my partner’s career expectations.
21.______ I am sometimes uncomfortable with his/her behavior at social functions.
22.______I’m sometimes at a loss to know how to handle his/her moodiness.
23.______My family agrees with my choice of a future spouse.
24.______We can trust each other with members of the opposite sex.
25.______I am unhappy with one or more of my partner’s interests.
26.______I am concerned about his/her ability to handle money.
27.______I am sure I’ll never have doubts about my love for my partner.
28.______We have worked out who’ll be the wage-earner(s) in our family.
29.______By getting married, I will solve a number of problems that I now have. 
30.______For me, sex and love are definitely two separate things.
31.______When I’m angry, I say or do hurtful things.
32.______My future in-laws approve of me.
33.______I am satisfied with the ways we solve differences between us.
34.______I’m satisfied with the way we’ve decided to budget our money.
35.______I am content concerning what my partner expects of me in the marriage.
36.______Our ideas concerning child-rearing methods are compatible.
37.______We are in agreement about our future goals and ambitions.
38.______I feel comfortable discussing sexual matters with my future mate.
39.______We are really able to talk and to communicate with each other.
40.______There is no dispute about a mother working outside the home.
41.______If my spouse was unfaithful, it would end our marriage.
42.______I am sometimes afraid of my partner.
43.______We agree on the role of a father concerning child rearing.
44.______My mate is too possessive of me.
45.______My partner respects my wishes to pursue some of my own interests.
46.______My partner belittles me in public.
47.______My partner gets angry sometimes; especially when_______________________
48.______He/she has a “roving eye”.
49.______My partner accepts my loving criticisms of certain behaviors.
50.______We agree to allow the Holy Spirit to be directly involved in our relationship.

Maxim of the Moment

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars. - Les Brown