Premarital:  Fifty Questions Concerning Compatibility

Print two copies of this form. After completion, exchange papers with your sweetheart and discuss.

      Answer all questions with a Yes, No  or Maybe.

1._______I am comfortable with my partner’s friends.
2._______At times, I have strong doubts that I’ve chosen the right mate.
3._______I have grown up with healthy feelings about sex.
4._______We agree concerning what the role of a mother should be in raising our children.
5._______We have discussed where we will live after marriage.
6._______We are in agreement about who’ll be in charge concerning money.
7._______I’m concerned that financial help from my in-laws may cause problems. 
8._______We are happy about which household chores belong to whom.
9._______My partner is too busy for us to do enough things together.
10.______We have decided how many children we will have: the number is______.
11.______I feel comfortable about my mate spending time with his/her friends.
12.______It is agreed that the wife is to be a “stay-at-home” mom.
13.______There’s no question in my mind that my future mate will be a good parent.
14.______Our educational goals are alike.
15.______I think that my future partner may return to substance abuse.
16.______I’m content with the ways we show affection toward one another.
17.______I feel at ease with my partner most of the time.
18.______Sex is something I want very much.
19.______We agree on the genders of the children we would prefer to have.
20.______ I’m comfortable with my partner’s career expectations.
21.______ I am sometimes uncomfortable with his/her behavior at social functions.
22.______I’m sometimes at a loss to know how to handle his/her moodiness.
23.______My family agrees with my choice of a future spouse.
24.______We can trust each other with members of the opposite sex.
25.______I am unhappy with one or more of my partner’s interests.
26.______I am concerned about his/her ability to handle money.
27.______I am sure I’ll never have doubts about my love for my partner.
28.______We have worked out who’ll be the wage-earner(s) in our family.
29.______By getting married, I will solve a number of problems that I now have. 
30.______For me, sex and love are definitely two separate things.
31.______When I’m angry, I say or do hurtful things.
32.______My future in-laws approve of me.
33.______I am satisfied with the ways we solve differences between us.
34.______I’m satisfied with the way we’ve decided to budget our money.
35.______I am content concerning what my partner expects of me in the marriage.
36.______Our ideas concerning child-rearing methods are compatible.
37.______We are in agreement about our future goals and ambitions.
38.______I feel comfortable discussing sexual matters with my future mate.
39.______We are really able to talk and to communicate with each other.
40.______There is no dispute about a mother working outside the home.
41.______If my spouse was unfaithful, it would end our marriage.
42.______I am sometimes afraid of my partner.
43.______We agree on the role of a father concerning child rearing.
44.______My mate is too possessive of me.
45.______My partner respects my wishes to pursue some of my own interests.
46.______My partner belittles me in public.
47.______My partner gets angry sometimes; especially when_______________________
48.______He/she has a “roving eye”.
49.______My partner accepts my loving criticisms of certain behaviors.
50.______We agree to allow the Holy Spirit to be directly involved in our relationship.

Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.