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Dating & Courtship Maxims

Here are a few random thoughts, old sayings, maxims, humor and wisdom regarding dating and courtship.

The Wedding Ceremony – Sample Wedding Vows

The marital vows are binding, because marriage is ordained by God. Whether the couple is married by a Justice of the Peace or a minister, God honors the covenant of marriage. Here is a sample of marital vows .In fact; it’s the transcript of our wedding on September 1, 1973.

Challenges of Urban Native Millennials:  Part 2

Live interviews were conducted with Native students attending local colleges and universities. The main purpose of the interviews dealt with the four primary motivators that tend to drive Natives to cities.

The Candy Cane Legend

During the Christmas season, we see a very familiar type of cane—one made of candy—an emblem specifically created to help celebrate the birth of Christ


Are you feeling some way because your spouse, family member or a friend has let you down? Do you feel lonely and empty seeing no hope for your future?

Maxim of the Moment

If you risk nothing, you risk everything. - Geena Davis