It’s Hard to Say “I’m Sorry”

“A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver” (Proverbs 25:11).

Do you find it hard to apologize? Do you find yourself choking on the words “I’m sorry?”

These words are some of the hardest words to say. Yet, when you know someone is hurt by something you have said or done, saying those words is probably the only way to restore the relationship.

For me, it is sometimes harder to apologize to family members than to strangers. I have apologized to my children, my parents and to my husband as well. It was never easy, but saying “I’m sorry” (and meaning it) clears the air. It opens the door for the other person to forgive you.

Sometimes we need to say “I’m sorry” to God.

If you are facing touchy situations in your family or with relationships at work, or if you are not at peace, ask the Lord if there is something wrong with your relationship to Him.

If He begins to show you things, pay attention! In the Bible, most people hurt their relationship with God by worshipping idols or by ignoring His commands.

Search your heart.

In some ways, it is easier to apologize to God than to other people, because God always wants to hear it. He always wants to forgive you and He always wants to continue a relationship with you.

He is waiting.

Kimberly Snider is a missionary to the Philippines.

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