Go on to Maturity

“Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lead to death, and of faith in God.” Hebrews 6:1

Meditation: Many Christians today are stuck in the rut of needing the foundational teachings over and over again. They do not get past the basics of repentance and a saving faith. They do not live lives of power and strength. Weakness and struggle typify their walk with the Lord. Long-term immature Christians do not have the excitement of new Christians or the maturity to be a witness and a testimony for the God who has saved them. The writer of Hebrews exhorts us to move on,  to walk in maturity. What does this mean? It means we stand firm in our faith and not waver, and that we are moving toward holiness. Maturity means that we are not questioning God or ourselves over every little thing that goes on in our life. The mature Christian is not perfect, but should not be falling to the same old sin on a regular basis. He is focused on the Lord, surrendered to Him and in His strength, a light to this dark world. He is a witness for God’s love by the way he lives and a testimony for the Lord when he speaks. The mature Christian serves the Lord and touches the lives of others as he serves.

Challenge: Where are you? Are you stuck in the cycle of sin/repentance/faith? Or are you that mature Christian walking in the Spirit and making a difference for the Lord? For the immature Christian, get help and step out and serve God and move past the elementary teachings about Christ. For the mature Christian, find an immature Christian you can come along side of and disciple. Is there someone who God would want you to spend time with and help in his walk? The Christian walk is much like a garden. We are planted, fed and watered. We grow and then plant more seed that others can grow also. Go on to maturity and serve the Lord.

Thought for the Day: Lord, help me to walk in maturity. Help me live a surrendered and full life serving you in all that I do.

Chris Garner

Used by permission – Fortified Marriages.

Maxim of the Moment

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