The Marriage Creed

1. Comfort One Another
Provide your home as a sanctuary and a refuge for each other from the chill winds of the world.

2. Caress As You Would Be Caressed
Warm your loved one with your healing touch. As babies die for lack of touching, so can marriages die from lack of closeness.

3. Be a Friend and a Partner
Your spouse should be your closest companion in a world of hurting and strife. Think about the future years you will spend with your mate.

4. Be Open and Honest With Each Other
Don’t bind yourself and blind yourself with doubts and suspicion. Trust yourself to your spouse.

5. Listen to Each Other
Hear not only words, but also the non-verbal communication of mood, expression and body language. Learn to listen to understand, rather than listening to argue.

6. Respect Each Other’s Space and Their Rights
Your mate is entitled to his/her own mistakes. Respect their right to be alone when they feel they need to be.

7. Allow the Other to Be an Individual
Accept the other as you would have them accept you. Remember the Golden Rule. Allow the other to be their unique self.

8. Give Each Other Approval
Remember that criticism only divides, but honest complements encourage confidence. Remember Proverbs 19:11 and don’t be quick to point out the other person’s faults. Count your own first.

9. Cherish Your Union
Let no one come between you, neither friend, child nor relative. Make monetary decisions together.

10. Love One Another
Above all else, love the other. View them as your dearest and closest friend. In loving the other, you are loving yourself.

11. Seek Opportunities to Make the Other Happy
Surprise the other with joy. Be innovative. Continue to date. Use your imagination.

12. Thank Jesus Every Day For The Special Person He Has Given To You.

Maxim of the Moment

Love’s demise is indifference.