Conscientiousness: How to “Treat” Your Mate

1. Each of you write the story of how you met, exchange stories, and discuss.

2. Sketch your dream house; discuss each room

3. Fix dinner…..and clean up after.

4. Ensure her car is in top mechanical condition.

5. Notice the little changes your spouse makes in her appearance

6. Learn together to use e-maps, so neither of you ever gets lost.

7. Take a stroll – holding hands.

8. Buy her the snacks she loves to eat.

9. Give your spouse a back rub.

10. Watch a classic movie together – sitting close

11. Talk with her by candlelight.

12. Go to church together every week.

13. Go swimming in the middle of the night

14. Write a poem to your spouse.

15. Look into her eyes as she tells you about her day.

16. Tell her you are happy you married her.

17. Hug her and kiss her on the neck.

18. Turn off your favorite program – and communicate

19. Tell her how grateful you are to God for her love.

20. Pray together for her specific needs.

21. Do something together the other loves to do.

22. Compliment her in public.

23. Watch a sunset together.

24. Sit on the same side of a restaurant booth.

25. Do a picnic.

26. Give your mate a foot massage.

27. Play a table game.

28. Go to the state fair together.

29. Tell her you’d rather be with her right now than anyplace else.

30. Whisper something romantic to her in a crowded room.

31. Sing together in your vehicle.

32. Warm up her side of the bed for her on a cold night.

33. Take a day trip together.

34. Serve her breakfast in bed.

35. Reminisce through old photo albums.

36. Share a soda with two straws.

37. Put a love note in her favorite box of cereal.

38. Brush her hair.

39. Go to a local carnival.

40. Play her favorite music.

41. Tour a museum together.

42. Express your appreciation to God for her.

43. Wink and smile at her from across the room.

44. Reminisce about your first date.

45. Touch her tenderly as you pass by her around the house.

46. Ride bikes together.

47. Send flowers.

48. Plan and implement a perfect evening for her.

49. Share thoughts you’ve had about her throughout the day at the end of the day.

50. Kiss her and tell her you love her as she falls asleep.

51. Return with her to the place you two first met.

52. Arrange for flowers to arrive for her while you’re both at a cafe.

53. Buy her a new robe.

54. Attend a marriage seminar together.

55. Take her to a theme park.

56. Hold her hand at weddings and funerals.

57. Share your dreams with her.

58. Work in the yard together.

59. Share a meaningful Bible verse with her.

60. Be on time for dinner.

61. Steal away with her for a special weekend.

62. Plan a surprise visit from one of her special relatives.

63. Encourage her to fellowship with other Christian women.

64. Compliment her cooking and housekeeping.

65. Arrange and pay for her visit to a massage therapist.

66. Text her and post a picture of you two together.

67. Clean the kitchen for her.

68. Polish her shoes.

69. Take her to lunch on a weekday.

70. Make sure she has the best roadside assistance contacts on her cell.

71. Open doors for her.

72. Give her extra money for new clothes.

73. Encourage her to use and develop her talents.

74. Take her to a new restaurant.

75. List her great qualities – then share your list with her.

76. Help her to grow spiritually.

77. Be especially innovative on your anniversary.

78. Read something of interest to her while she drives.

79. Keep her picture on your phone’s lock screen.

80. Wash the dishes.

81. Browse malls and garage sales together.

82. Wash and vacuum her car.

83. Buy extra Valentine’s cards in February to mail to her during the year.

84. Plan a bed and breakfast weekend.

85. Buy her bubble bath and ask when you can prepare it for her.

86. Peruse her high school yearbook together.

87. Arrange a day when she can sleep in.

88. Mention her good character traits in front of others.


We just listed 88 items for you……
…..but since you know your mate better than anyone else,
add a dozen more sweet things you can
do for your spouse – and make it an even 100.


Maxim of the Moment

Chase your passion – not your pension. - Denis Waitley