Do Believers Tell Lies….or Simply Sing Them?

Embedded within the great classic songs of the Church are precious truths. The great Reformer Martin Luther challenged Believers to live in the truth….not just sing them. True hymnology is free from hypocrisy.

We Sing:

“HEAVENLY SUNSHINE”…but skip church when the weather’s too hot.

“THERE SHALL BE SHOWERS OF BLESSING”…..and don’t attend church when it rains.

“SWEET HOUR OF PRAYER”…..yet only give God a few minutes….usually when we want something from Him.

“ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS”…..and wait until He drafts us.

“I LOVE TO TELL THE STORY”….and gossip about our neighbors rather than witness to our neighbors.

“TO GOD BE THE GLORY”….and praise the winning team.

“FAITH IS THE VICTORY”… depend on feelings instead.

“REVIVE US AGAIN”…..but don’t attend revival meetings.

“KNEEL AT THE CROSS”….but rarely kneel at the altar.

“MAKE ME A BLESSING”…..and instead pray for personal blessings.

“BURDENS ARE LIFTED AT CALVARY”….but tend to over-medicate.

“WE’RE MARCHING TO ZION….but won’t march to God’s house.

“I’M SO GLAD I’M A PART OF THE FAMILY OF GOD”……but are more apt to be apart FROM the family of God.

“CAST THY BURDENS UPON THE LORD”…..and worry ourselves sick.

“TO BE LIKE JESUS”….and glorify the celebrities.

“JESUS LOVE THE LITTLE CHILDREN”….but have never taught a Sunday School class.

“LEAD ME TO CALVARY”…..and ask for directions to the amusement park.

“THROW OUT THE LIFELINE”….and throw out the fishing line.

Maxim of the Moment

Love is blind, but marriage is an eye-opener.