Thoughts Before Spending

1. Don’t buy on impulse.

2. Make a grocery list.

Use coupons
Compare pricing
Plan meals
Pack lunches

3. Watch for “I deserve it” items.

4. Destroy all but 2 credit cards.

Don’t use credit cards without consent of spouse.
If you can’t pay a card off over a couple of months, don’t use it.
Ideally, pay your credit card off monthly.

5. Set goals.

Write them down.
Husband and wife should work together as a team.
Share goals with the family.

6. Set up a system to pay off debts.

Pay of the lowest dollar debt first.
Apply that payment to the next lowest debt.
Continue to do the same until all debt is paid off.

7. Do not carry much cash.

8. Look for bargains.

9. Just because something is on sale you don’t have to buy it.

10. Don’t give your children everything they ask for.

11. Learn to say no to your spouse, but be kind about it.

By:  Ed Hirsch, used with permission.

Maxim of the Moment

God will bless the man who blesses his wife.