Marriage and Tithing

Financial issues continue to be the number one cause of divorce in the United States. Most all couples who find themselves in financial difficulties do not tithe. Tithing is an essential key to marital financial prosperity. Couples who disagree with this have never tithed regularly. If they had, they would have experienced the benefits. Tithing has no purchasing power within itself, for we tithe out of obedience, not as an investment. Tithing doesn’t just get you more money, it opens heavens windows (Malachi 3:10) for all of heavenly blessings, spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically.

You do not have to tithe, you get to. The concept of “robbing God” (Malachi 3) is a satire, for a multi-billionaire doesn’t miss or need more bucks. Tithing isn’t God’s investment plan to get Himself more money, for God has no needs at all. He wants to get money to you so He can bless others through you. Tithing is not giving God ten percent. It only allows you the privilege of controlling the other ninety.

Scriptural principles do not change. If you spend foolishly and selfishly, you will pay dearly, even if you tithe consistently. The old maxim is true, “Moderation is best.” Couples who cannot or will not practice financial priorities suffer in many other areas as well. Selfishness has reached epidemic proportions in pleasure-mad America. Selfishness is the primary problem in all problem marriages today. If Americans can’t afford something, they charge it. And God never blesses bad debts. We must pay every debt as if God wrote the bill. Our egocentric American culture teaches us that we have a God-given right to max out on our charge cards.

If you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7). But he that sows bountifully, shall reap bountifully (I Cor. 9:6). God’s laws of sowing and reaping are eternal and reap everlasting benefits. Some couples claim they cannot afford to tithe. But the truth is, they cannot afford not to.  When you give to God, you are “pouring” into miracle territory. But when you stop, the oil of God’s blessings stops. When we empty ourselves through our giving and put our trust in our Source, He has more room to pour in and meet our needs.

If you and your mate have been stealing from God, change your monetary habits today. God cannot go against His Word by blessing disobedience. Begin to tithe to your church where you receive your spiritual nourishment and experience the blessings of tithing.

—Doris Knoles

Maxim of the Moment

Where there is much love there are few regrets.