Three Word Marital Advice

As a couple, look up each verse attached to the short sentence. Discuss a few of these every day in the order listed. Your marital life will be enriched.
You both will be blessed. Guaranteed.

Marriage is honorable (Heb.13:4).
God joins together (Mt. 19:6)
Be born again (Jn.3:3).
Marriage is heterosexual (I Cor. 11:9).
Marry one wife (I Tim 3:2 & 12).
God is married (Jer.3:14).
Devour God’s Word (Jn. 6:35).
Build on rock (Mt. 7:24).
Jesus must increase (Jn. 3:30).
Deny the self (Mt. 16:24).
Love your wife (Col. 3:19).
Honor your wife (I Pet. 3:7).
Love one another (Jn. 13:34).
Respect each other (I Cor. 7:3).
Defend your wife (Neh. 4:14).
Marry a Christian (II Cor. 6:14).
Practice mutual submission (Eph. 5:21).
Leaders are servants (Lk. 22:27).
Focus affections heavenward (Col. 3:2-3).
Clean up inside (Lk. 11:39).
Count the cost (Lk. 14:28).
Don’t rob God (Mal. 3:8-10).
Beware of covetousness (Lk. 12:15).
Resist the devil (Jas. 4:7).
Sidestep problematic people (Rom. 16:17).
Allow no flirtations (Pv. 6:24-26).
Flee potential fornication (I Cor. 6:18).
Don’t commit adultery (Mt. 5:27-28).
Sanctify your bed (Heb. 13:4).
Do not withhold (I Cor. 7:5).
Divided houses fall (Matt. 12:25).
Remember Lot’s wife (Lk. 17:32).
Sow good seed (Mt. 13:37).
Confess your faults (Jas. 5:16).
Don’t be judgmental (Mt. 7:1).
Forgive all offenses (Mk. 11:25).
Never display anger (Eph. 4:26).
Comfort with words (I Thess. 4:18).
Overreacting is detrimental (Pv. 15:1)
Refuse the gall (Mt. 27:34).
Eliminate verbal abuse (Col. 3:19).
Think yourself happy (Acts 26:2).
Be Spirit filled (Eph. 5:18).
Obey the Teacher (Jn. 14:26).
Win her again (Song of Sol. 1:4).
Kiss her lovingly (Song of Sol. 1:2).
Be very thankful (Col. 3:15).
Obey God’s Word (Titus 2:5).
Eat what’s healthy (Pv. 25:16).
Physical exercise profits (I Tim. 4:8).
Be totally abstinent (Pv. 20:1).
Do not procrastinate (Eccl. 9:10).
Appreciate gender differences (Gen. 1:27).
Walk in agreement (Amos 3:3).
Love endures everything (I Cor. 13:7).
Learn to laugh (Neh. 8:10).
Spontaneity breeds excitement (Gen. 26:8).
Live honest lives (I Tim. 2:2).
Come rest awhile (Mk. 6:31).
Two become one (Gen. 2:24).
Never deny Christ (Lk. 22:61).
Go to church (Heb. 10:25).
Christ comes quickly (Rev. 22:7 & 20).
Anticipate heaven together (Rev. 19:9).

Maxim of the Moment

A bad husband cannot be a good man.