Marital Communication Discussion Questions

<>Discuss everything in the spirit of love.
<>Allow for the fact that you may have unresolved conflicts that require time and effort to heal.
<>Be open, honest and transparent.
<>Forgive your mate for past injustices.
<>Pray before you begin and when you close the session.


List any expectations you brought into your marriage that have resulted in disappointment.
What area of marriage were you least prepared for?
What is the most rewarding area of your marriage?
In what specific ways has knowing Christ impacted your marriage?
List your mate’s strengths and weaknesses.
Do you believe your mate values your opinion?
What is one area of your marriage you discuss with your mate the least?
What area of your marriage do you most often discuss?
List things your mate does or says that irritate you.
What things does your mate do or say that hinder good communication?
What trigger-words or phrases do you use that make your mate sad or mad?
In what situation(s) does your spouse feel the most comfortable regarding communication?
Do you pretend to pay attention to your mate when you really aren’t?
How would you rate your mate as a listener?
What is your greatest strength concerning listening?
What is your greatest weakness concerning listening?
What is the reaction of your spouse when you do something selfish?
What things does your mate do or say that make you feel isolated?
Do you overlook the minor flaws in your mates character?
Do you feel you can share your weaknesses with your spouse?
What are the differences between you and your mate regarding sex?
In what area(s) could your sexual relationship be improved?
What financial decisions do you make together?
Discuss the differences in your financial goals.
In what areas of your marriage do you have major conflicts?
What steps can you take to deal with these areas?
What specific “conflict-avoidance techniques” does your spouse use?
List any pressures you feel your in-laws create.
List the positive marital traditions you have brought into your marriage.
Who is the more spontaneous – you or your mate?
What specific things can you do to rekindle excitement in your marriage?
What things does your mate do that make you feel really loved?
How can you help build your mate’s self esteem?
How often do you pray with your mate?
In what ways do you communicate that your spouse is cherished?












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