How Does Your Husband Rate?

Place a number from one to five beside each statement that best indicates his current status. One represents the lowest score and five represents the highest score.

A great idea for this exercise is to sit down with your husband after you have completed this and discuss each of these items in love.

MY HUSBAND:                                           

1.  _____ Is agreeable and pleasant
2.  _____ Is open-minded
3.  _____ Is spiritually hungry
4.  _____ Is patient with me
5.  _____ Is interested in my life
6.  _____ Is honest with me and trustworthy
7.  _____ Talks things over with me
8.  _____ Writes me love notes
9.  _____ Treats me with gentleness
10. _____ Enjoys going to church with me
11 ._____ Interacts with our children
12. _____ Likes spending quality time with me
13. _____ Helps with the housework
14. _____ Expresses appreciation for what I do for him
15. _____Freely discusses problems with me
16. _____Works to improve our relationship
17. _____Is proud of me
18. _____Tries to communicate with me
19. _____Plans things we can do together
20. _____Talks about our growing old together
21. _____Is helping me so grow stronger spiritually
22. _____Understands my sexuality
23. _____Has a sense of humor
24. _____Holds my hand when we walk together
25. _____Wants to know me more intimately
26. _____Consults the Bible for guidance
27. _____Listens to my point of view
28. _____Values my opinion
29. _____Prays with me
30. _____Cares about my future goals and ambitions

Maxim of the Moment

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