A Husband’s Checklist

Rate yourself on a scale of one to five, one representing “poor” and five representing “excellent”.

1. _____ Really listening to her point of view
2. _____ Repairing items around the house
3. _____ Being aware of her physical limitations
4. _____ Allowing her to spend time with her friends
5. _____ Including her in conversations when you’re with others
6. _____ Telling her how much she means to you
7. _____ Demonstrating how much she means to you
8. _____ Pro-actively assisting in her spiritual growth
9. _____ Being consistent
10._____ Showing gratitude to her
11._____ Being respectful of her feelings
12._____ Being respectful of her family
13. _____Encouraging her
14._____ Keeping your promises to her
15._____ Affirming that her opinion is valuable
16._____ Setting aside special time to be with her
17._____ Showing her attention
18._____ Attending church with her
19._____ Affirming her as an intellectual equal                  
20._____ Planning your future together
21._____ Being honest with her
22._____ Speaking well of her in public
23._____ Hugging her on a regular basis
24._____ Doing physical exercises together
25._____ Remembering anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
26._____ Laughing with her
27._____ Encouraging her to take some personal time for herself
28. _____Sending her love notes
29._____ Being sensitive to her femininity.
30. _____Picking up after yourself around the house
31._____ Inviting her out on romantic dates
32._____ Demonstrating public affection for her
33. _____Helping with the children
34._____ Being the spiritual leader of the family
35. _____Admitting when you are wrong
36. _____Expressing compassion
37._____ Helping her with housework
38._____ Being generous with the money
39._____ Letting her lean on your strength
40._____ Praying with her regularly

Maxim of the Moment

The bankrupt man is the man who has lost his enthusiasm. - H.W. Arnold