Effective Bible Study Tips for Couples

Marriage is a classroom and the Bible is the only textbook God has provided. Couples who study God’s Word together have embarked on a wonderful spiritual journey. They will discover rules for a happy home, financial solutions, child-rearing tips, communication skills, and much more. The power of God’s Word, coupled with common interests, creates an atmosphere of intimacy impossible to achieve elsewhere. You can never lift your mate above the level of your own personal spirituality, so increase your faith by studying God’s Word together.

    Following these simple guidelines will help you get started

1. Evaluate how both of you are using your free time now.
2. Look for holes in your schedules: 15 to 20 minute segments.
3. Provide a secure environment in which to share God’s Word together.
    A special time and place must be agreed upon and set aside for this adventure.
      Guard, sanctify, and commit to this time.
4. As much as possible, be faithful to this period….but don’t let it rule your lives.
5. Getting organized, being determined, and properly motivated are key factors.
6. Begin to think about and pray about these sessions.
    Plan your day around them.
7. Establish realistic goals and allow enough time to achieve the goal of each session.
8. Create an atmosphere of openness – give your mate space.
9. Keep in mind the needs of your spouse: what are his or her concerns?
      needs? interests? questions?
10. Never belittle the others comments.
11. Receive all contributions warmly and lovingly.
12. Avoid getting ‘spiritually competitive’.
    If one mate lords over the other their ‘superior’ knowledge of
          Scripture, the quest for intimacy will be derailed.
13. Never monopolize the conversation: don’t get preachy.
14. Respect the other by respecting their opinions.
15. When the other is speaking, give him/her your undivided attention.
16. Make loving eye contact.
17. Watch the others facial expressions and body-language.
18. Speak the name of your sweetheart during these times…..
      including those special love-names you have given each together.
19. Express honest appreciation.
20. Communicate warmly.
21. Give the other affirmation and support.
22. By creating a safe and warm environment, your mate will
        look forward to this time together.
23. Determine together how to apply what you are learning to
        your unique marital circumstances. 
24. Staying organized, being ready to learn and being properly motivated are keys
      to successful learning and spiritual growth.
25. Avoid distractions. Plan ahead for possible interruptions.
    Plan around special activities which might upset your schedule.
      Turn off all electronic devices – cells, PC’s, TV’s, etc.
26. Make it fun and keep it fun. The joy of the Lord is your strength (Neh. 8:10).
27. Keep discussions relevant. Don’t allow yourselves to be sidetracked
      by current and potentially volatile issues regarding children, finances, etc.
28. Comfort one another with the Word (I Th. 4:18).
29. Continually seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for
    Jesus has promised He will lead you into all truth (Jn.16:13).
30. Always close each session with shared prayer.

    Select and use methods that best suit both of you

<> Innovation and discussion are imperative ingredients.
<>  Study by topics, Biblical characters, Bible books, on-line devotionals, etc.
<> Ask questions regarding the topic at hand.
<>  Discover the key concept(s) of a passage together and discuss.
<> Read from different translations.
<>  List the facts of a given text, then
      analyze, associate, compare, evaluate, elaborate….and apply.
<> Gently take the hand of your companion as you place God’s Word
      at the heart of your marriage.


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