The September Psalm

A bend in the path confounds a stranger,
But its way leadeth the journeyman home.
Though he walks in dark places
And his enemies pursue him,
Your word lights his path
And Thy precepts sustain him.
You walk as a faithful guide
So that his foot does not falter;
Your companionship upholds him,
And in Thy presence is the comfort of a friend.
Forget not Your faithful, O Lord,
And remember Thine servant!
May he live to exalt Your name
And walk to proclaim Your goodness.
The pain of death will not stagger him;
His heart fainteth not.
For You have lifted him out of the pit;
You have defeated his enemies.
Like hot oil You have poured them out;
They are molten in Your wrath.
Though they should rise against him,
You have frustrated their plans
And utterly destroyed their counsel
So that they faint before him in battle.
By Your right hand You establish his frame;
With Your tender compassion You dress him;
Thy words are salve to his wounds
And strength in his bones.
The terror of the night passeth in a moment,
And it flees before the light.
For Your light, O Lord, spans the horizon,
And stretches to the ends of the earth.
No shadow of death will endure,
But Thine servant finds life everlasting.
Your brooks comfort him,
Your truths also are solace to his heart,
For from them he draws abounding peace,
And in them is he cleansed evermore.

– Mark Knoles
September 30, 2003

Maxim of the Moment

Chase your passion – not your pension. - Denis Waitley