Psalm 72

This Psalm points to the character and lasting impact of the Messiah’s reign on earth.  According to this psalm, there are several characteristics about the Messiah:

1. He will judge with righteousness (v. 1-2).  He is not like earthly judges whose judgments are subjective and flawed.  Rather, His are perfect.  They will right the wrongs of the world and will show mercy to those in need of mercy.

2. He will bring freedom and salvation to the oppressed (v. 3-4).

3. He will be respected and acknowledged by all who see Him (v. 5).  Unlike earthly rulers, He will have a 100% approval rating from those who know Him and are a part of His kingdom.

4. He will pour out His presence on his people and will cause the righteous to flourish and will bring abundant peace (v. 6-7).  Earthly kings are often occupied with how they can terrify the people and show their power.  But the Messiah did not come to exercise terror, but to bring life to those seeking it.

5. He will be a benevolent king, ruler over all (v. 8). Though all is His, He is not power-hungry.  Rather, He is motivated by love, and love will be the law of the land

6. The members of His kingdom will respect Him and adore Him above all else, while His enemies will be justly punished for their wickedness (v. 10)

7. He is the King of kings (v. 11)

8. All nations will serve Him. (v. 11)

9. He is Deliverer (v. 12)

10. He is Helper (v. 12)

11. He is Savior (v. 13)

12. He is Redeemer (v. 14)

13. He is compassionate and concerned about those things that concern His people, for “precious shall be their blood in His sight” (v. 14).

4. He will live (v. 15).  He is not a dead king, or an inactive king, or a removed king.  No, He is alive!  He is life itself!

15. He will be praised continuously (v. 15)

16. He is Provider and the One who causes a flourishing among His people and their land (v. 16).

17. He Name will endure forever (v. 17).  His is a lasting kingdom.  Never will there be insecurity or instability in the land.  Never will there be threats or terrorist attacks.  Never will their be any threat to His kingship, for He is Almighty God.

18. He is blessed and worthy of blessing (v. 18) and praise.

19. He “only does wondrous things!” (v. 18)

20. The whole earth is filled with His glory (v. 19).

Let us praise Him today for all His marvelous works!

—Mark Knoles

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