How to Kneel

Psalms 95:6:  “Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker;”

We were created to worship.  We worship everything in our life to some degree or another.  James said that our spirits envy intently, because God created in us a desire to worship.  We can worship our possessions, our talents, ourselves and our very lives. 

So many people seek eternal life, but for what?  They seek it to worship a little longer, but they don’t know what they worship for.  “Let me live longer!” they exclaim.  “Let me own more!” some desire.  But in everything in our lives, we can either worship ourselves and the things of the world, or our Heavenly Father. 

Is what we do eternal or temporary?  Are we kneeling before the Father in our choices, yielding our will to Him?  When we worship, we are investing.  Are we investing in temporary dreams and possessions, or in eternal life?  In eternity we will either worship God or our temporary successes on earth.  Hell is eternity without a future, worshipping the past and all that was done of ourselves, without hope.  Heaven is eternity with endless opportunity, a time to live as we were meant, to worship God in everything that we do. 

Worship is more than just singing and dancing and lifting our hands.  Worship at its very core is service offered to God.  We were designed to worship with our very being, to expend ourselves in service to God, to submit ourselves wholly to Him.  We have the potential to worship with our whole heart, as David did in song and dance. 

Song and dance is meaningless without a heart that cries out to the Father in total praise and worship of who He is.  Worship is intimate fellowship with the Father, who, when we come to Him, holds nothing back.  Should we do any less?


Maxim of the Moment

You have to be careful about being too careful. - Beryl Pfizer