Would I Also Deny Him?

Would I Also Deny Him?

                      – by Dr. John Knoles

He said I would deny Him,
But I knew this could not be….
He said I’d turn my back on Him
And from His presence flee.

I swore I’d die before I’d do it;
On this point He must be wrong….
That I’d rather go to prison
Than join that cowardly throng.

But while Christ was mocked and spat upon
That night in the judgment hall,
I warmed my hands by the soldier’s fire
For my faith was very small.

They said I’d been with Jesus –
That with Him I had walked!
But I said they were mistaken….
While inside my Lord was mocked.

At last a maiden came
To accuse me to my face;
But I could only raise my voice
To cover my disgrace.

At last they brought Him close to me
As they dragged Him into the night.
When He looked through me, it broke my heart –
For I knew He had been right.

In my hour of temptation
Will I, too, tremble and cower?
Or will I boldly proclaim His name
In Pentecostal power?



Maxim of the Moment

I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate. - George Burns