Who Cares About Heaven?

Where exactly heaven is located is a subject of much discussion. But for believers, this is only of interest because Jesus is there. God’s Word is our unique map that will get us there and contains all the rules of the road. The only reliable information we have about heaven is in the Bible. It is much more than “the happy hunting grounds.” 

As Natives, we tend to be spiritual in our thinking. In one sense, we feel connected to nature, yet in another, many of us sense we are disconnected from this world altogether. Human beings want to believe in a hereafter. It’s the way God wired us. Furthermore, we want our families and extended families to be happy. We have endured much, but suffering will not get anyone into heaven.

Whereas hell is a place for unprepared people, heaven is a place prepared for prepared people. It is a place created by God for Christians to enjoy forever. It’s the place where faith becomes reality. It’s the place where your inheritance is kept safe (I Peter 1:4). It’s a paradise where we will worship God alongside the angels. It’s a place of perfect rest, contentment and reward. Heaven is a place of life (I Timothy 4:8). In heaven, no child, parent or loved one will ever die. There will be no suicide, sorrow, grief, tears, abuse, or divorce. You will hear no cursing. You won’t find terrorism, drunkenness or gambling. In heaven, there will be no pornography, pedophiles, STD’s, AIDS or abortions. You will see no rush-hour traffic, violence, gangs, hate crimes, drive-by shootings, or stress. Because there is no sickness or pain, there are no pharmacies, wheelchairs, nursing homes, or hospitals.

What we can expect in heaven is a mansion in a friendly neighborhood. The water is 100% pure. Everybody’s health is perfect for there are no diseases. The scourge of diabetes that plagues so many Natives is absent. Everyone will enjoy beautiful music. Even the transportation to heaven is absolutely free. God gives us a dynamic description of heaven in the last few chapters of Revelation.

Heaven is also a place of service to God (Rev. 22:3). God is in direct control of everything. It’s His communications center and base of operations. The hope of getting there gives all Natives and all the nations a goal to strive for. It is the ultimate reward for a pure and holy life. Heaven stands as a symbol of God’s personal desire to live eternally with those who love and serve Him.

One cannot separate heaven from Christ; for it is only through faith in Him we can enter. He has already paid our entrance fee on the cross of Calvary when He died for our sins. The hope of heaven helps Native Christians stay true to God. It is for this reason that Paul encourages us to set our minds on things above, not on things on the earth (Col. 3:2). The ultimate hope of all our nations is to see the face of our beloved Jesus (Rev. 22:4).                                   

Maxim of the Moment

If you risk nothing, you risk everything. - Geena Davis