What’s Love?

Love can’t be defined, for love is what love does. Love is ony defined by what it prompts one to do. Feelings are only the by-product of doing love. Love never rests; it is ever seeking to expresss itself in acts that benefit the object of its affection. Love is always in motion. Love oils the gears of our marital machine, while it is the superglue that bonds us together.

While sex is only one aspect of marital love, we must learn to celebrate sexual differences:

A man must be loved physically in order to love emotionally.   
A woman needs to be loved emotionally in order to love physically.
  While he views sex in the context of an event,
    she views sex in the contexct of relationship

If you desire more romantic love, the name of the bridge to your mate’s heart is communication. Words are the sweet bricks you lay in this bridge to get over to the other side. Listening is the gentle breeze that draws your mate over this bridge to you. Constant repairs are necessary so this bridge is never washed out by the cares of life. Too often, when the honeymoon ends, romance is packed away in the attic with old wedding presents. Love takes a backseat to heavy schedules. The bridge can form cracks by lack of respect, selfishness, and differing goals.

God never intended marital love to be reduced to “a second-hand emotion”. It is a proactive lifetime endeavor to become one flesh. The husband is the one God expects to keep the communication bridge serviceable and beautiful. He has placed the cement tools in the hand of the husband. If he paves the way properly, they will use the bridge frequently.

Maxim of the Moment

Raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed. - Mia Hamm