Two Becoming One

Genesis 2:21-24

God took one of Adam’s ribs and made Eve. He then said these two shall become one flesh. Jesus reiterated this when He said in Matthew 19:4-5, “Have you never read…they twain shall become one flesh?”

However the world may try to twist God’s original plan, a wife’s success is tied directly to her man.  Paul pointed out in I Timothy 2:13 that Adam was formed before Eve, but she was created to complete Adam, not just to complement him (Genesis 2:20).

A woman was not made from a foot to be stepped on, but from something out of his side to be equal with him, and from a rib from under his arm to be protected. Women do not have a place in the Kingdom of God, they hold a position. Think it over. It is so true.

But is Eve inferior?  In no way.  Adam was useless without her. We don’t even know if Eve was particularly pretty! Herein lies the true secret of a woman’s power. She isn’t incidental: she is essential. Woman was born of necessity, not expediency. This is why most wives hold a power they are not aware of.

Notice also that Eve was formed specifically for Adam. Someone has said, “While Adam slept, Eve was formed: and men have never slept peacefully since then.” But I feel it is truer to say that a man sleeps sweetly with a sweet wife by his side.

Your wife was given to you by God, not for the admiration of all men, but for the happiness of one man. So how do two become one? You grow together. Without spiritual progress together, there is no marital progress at all. You can’t grow if you don’t know. You two cannot grow to become one if you do not know His Word.

Someone has said, “Woman was the last thing God created…and therefore the best.”

“Two shall become one.”  When a husband and wife serve Jesus, it’s always a “two-to-one” success rate.  Husbands, love her as the one God created just for you.

Maxim of the Moment

Love is blind, but marriage is an eye-opener.