Things That Are True

Read Philippians 4:8. In Latin and Greek, these words have extremely deep meaning:

TRUE:  fedelis
HONEST: sinceritas
JUST:  merito
PURE:  sanctus
LOVELY:  venustus
GOOD REPORT:  bonum dicitur
VIRTUE:  honestus
PRAISE:  laudatio

Paul encourages us to “think on these things.” Read this poem concerning this verse – written many decades ago by an unknown author:

This life is quickly passing, and we must be sure
To meditate on God Himself – and nothing that’s obscure
I’m resolved to do this – and I’ll follow it on through,
To practice and to dwell upon the “things that are true.”

The things that are showy the world will request,
What is empty and shallow they regard as the best;
I’ve pondered the matter, and I will pursue,
The life of the Cross – the things that are true.

The things that don’t last are things for the proud,
The gold and its glitter will thrill any crowd,
But the things of God are reserved for the few,
Who live their lives by the things that are true.

Though many seek riches, the world and its power
And gamble their lives for the thrill of the hour,
I will avoid the greedy and the ungodly crew,
What holds my attention are the things that are true

For only true things are things that will last,
All will soon vanish – like dreams that are past;
What which is false will fade by and by
Like clouds that are swept from the face of the sky

The things of the world, God knows how I hate –
And the strict separation of the church and the state;
So to keep my mind pure, this will I do:
Focus my thoughts on the things that are true.

Maxim of the Moment

I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate. - George Burns