The Blessings That Remain

The Blessings That Remain

      -by Annie Johnson Flint

There are loved ones that are missing
From the fireside and feast;
There are faces that have vanished –
There are voices that have ceased.

But though they’ve passed forever
From all mortal grief and pain;
We thank thee, Heavenly Father,
For the blessings that remain.

We’ve had them here beside us,
Sharing every smile and tear;
And we praise you, Precious Jesus,
For their love has blessed us here.

For the joy that they have brought us
Death cannot take away;
Nor all those precious memories
That grow sweeter every day.

We ask for greater patience,
Expecting things unseen;
Knowing spring shall follow winter,
And the earth be green again.

For the hope of that glad meeting,
Our love for Christ sustains;
And we thank you, Holy Spirit
For the blessings that remain.






Maxim of the Moment

Rare is the one you can long hold dear.