Seed and Soil

Mark 4:2-25

The Stony Ground
The stony ground refers to that which is surface deep only.  It is not fertile soil, but when the seed comes, it springs up quickly due to the fact that it has no root.  This refers clearly to the people who are at first excited about hearing the things of God.  Unfortunately, they have no depth, so when hardship comes to develop them, the words wither away and they take nothing to heart—the words are blown away by the wind.

The Thorns
Some of the seed fell among thorns as the sower sowed the seed.  The thorns refer to the people who have taken the things of God to heart.  They hear it, they understand it.  However, the things of this world entice them and appeal to their flesh.  Rather than guarding themselves against the things of the flesh, they indulge in them, and it costs them dearly.  The weeds of materialism and worldliness come up and choke the word that once was so strong in them, and it kills their understanding of the things of God.

The Wayside
The wayside refers to that which is near the good ground, in the same area, but not part of it.  It is outside of the good ground.  This refers to the nominal who like the atmosphere of the sanctuary but are not willing to take a risk by having a personal relationship with Christ and step out in faith.  These people do not truly seek to know and understand the things of God. 

The Good Ground
The good ground refers to the virtuous, that which is set apart and distinguished from the rest.  These take the word of God to heart and allow it to pervade their lives and live by it.  These are the ones who, when they are given the word, let it grow in them and spread it—producing a good crop by spreading the knowledge and understanding of the things of God.

Maxim of the Moment

Love is blind, but marriage is an eye-opener.