Saints Who’ve Never Been Caught

When a man yields to temptation,
And breaks the conventional law;
Few look for good in his make up,
But, God, they look for a flaw.

No one asks how he was tempted,
Or of the many battles he’s fought;
His name is made food for the vultures
By The Saints Who’ve Never Been Caught.

“He’s a crook!” they yell from the rooftops,
And forget the good he has done;
They center on one last battle,
But forget the wars he has won.

“Come gaze at this outcast!” they thunder;
“And see the example he taught!”
So the man is doomed to perdition
By The Saints Who’ve Never Been Caught.

O Lord, I know I’ve been a sinner
And You know that I have failed;
I’m tossed like a ship on the ocean,
Without rudder, a compass or sail.

But I’m willing to trust in Thy mercy,
And keep the commandments You taught;
Just deliever me, dear God, from the justice,
Of The Saints Who’ve Never Been Caught.

                        – from Advancer News,
                          a publication of the Shelby County
                            Penal Farm in Tennessee

Maxim of the Moment

The height of your accomplishment will equal the depth of your convictions. - William Scolavi