Rising Early: A Key Scriptural Habit

“Those who seek Me early shall find Me”  (Pv. 8:17).


David rose early the day he killed his giant (I Sam. 17:20).

Gideon rose early to check his fleece (Jud. 6:38).

Joshua rose early to compass Jericho (Josh 3:1 & 6:12-15).

Joshua rose early to catch a thief (Josh. 7:16).

The Hebrews rose early to gather manna (Ex. 16:16-21).

Hezekiah rose early to go to the house of God (II Ch. 29:20).

Moses rose early to stand before Pharaoh (Ex. 8:20 & 9:13).

Moses rose early to build an altar and stand before God (Ex. 24:4).

Samuel and Saul rose early the day Samuel anointed Saul (I Sam. 9:26).

Abraham rose early to stand before the Lord (Gen. 19:27).

Abraham rose early to obey God regarding his sacrifice (Gen. 21:14 & 22:3).

Mary Magdalene rose early to go to Jesus’ tomb (Jn. 20:1)

The Psalmists rose early to pray (Ps. 57:8-9; 63:1; 78:34 & 108:2-3).

Job rose early every day to offer sacrifices (Job 1:5).

Elkana and Hanna, Samuel’s parents, rose early to seek God (I Sam. 1:19-20).

Jacob rose early to erect a pillar and make a vow to God (Gen. 28:18-22).

The afflicted rise early to seek God (Hos. 5:15).

Isaiah rose early to seek Him (Isa. 26:8-9).

The householder in Jesus’ parable rose early to hire workers (Mt. 20:1).

Isaiah predicted Jesus would be an early riser (Isa. 41:25 & 50:4).

Jesus rose early to pray (Mk. 1:35).

Jesus rose early to teach (Jn. 8:2).

Jesus rose early on Easter Sunday (Mk. 16:9 & Lk. 24:1).

Jesus followers rose early to hear Jesus teach (Lk. 21:38).

The apostles rose early to teach (Acts 5:21).

God Himself is pictured as rising early   (Jer. 7:25 & 32:33)




Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.