Rejoice With Your Wife

“Rejoice with the wife of thy youth.”  Proverbs 5:18

Sadly, many today cannot rejoice with that first young wife. She is long gone and there has been another wife or two since those days.

But Solomon sets the standard here. Although he himself had numerous wives, he knew the norm was to have but one, and to have joy with her.

In this passage, Solomon depicts the evil of fornication, and gives the solution:  happy, joyful, marital love.

So, young man, rejoice with her! The words joy and rejoice, though perverted by the world, are reserved for believers alone. The very dynamic Hebrew word “rejoice,” with its many shades of meaning, includes the concepts of:  being free from care; cheerful; to laugh; to smile;  gladness; shouting aloud for joy; to triumph; a joy which expresses itself with gestures of the body;  a joy which excites the affections.”

This joy in our spirits can only come by knowing that we are in the will of God. We are commanded here by God’s Word to be happy with the one He has chosen for us. One wife for life is God’s desire.

None can complain that God is unfair, that he has desires which He cannot fulfill, for God has provided a happy marriage bed for all those who seek His perfect will.
Note that it is the (singular) wife of thy youth. This indicates God has reserved that special someone just for you!

Surrounding verses warn of the false pleasures of adultery and fornication, and Solomon contrasts these against the true pleasures and joys of delighting in one’s wife.
Note also that this verse is addressed to young men, for he is to be happy with his young wife. As you rejoice with her now, so will you rejoice with her throughout your lifetime together.

Knowing that she is the one God has specifically appointed for you as a young man, when the need for intimacy and sexuality is normally at their peak, should give a man great peace, security, satisfaction and joy.

So rejoice with her! It is God’s command to be happy with her and because He has sent her into your life!

Maxim of the Moment

The bonds of matrimony don’t profit you unless the interest is kept up.