The “Tator” Family

We heard of a family in church by the name of “Tator”. This family has a reputation for joining as many churches as possible. The following biographical sketches will help you recognize them if they start attending your church:

Dick Tator
Dick is the self-appointed leader of everything in the church. He heads every committee and dictates to everyone…but never does much himself.

Vegi Tator
Vegi is a “pew-potato”. She is rooted to her pew…..but never grows. She’s a real church-potato and her kids are Tator-tots.

Ro Tator
This Tator is a real-heat seeker; always changing churches.

Emmy Tator
She never has any thoughts of her own; she simply imitates others. She’s quick to second someone else’s motion. Emmy raises her hands in worship, like other members…but has no personal relationship with Christ.

Hezy Tator
When asked to do something for God, he hesitates. He always says he “has to pray about it” before committing to anything.

Davis Tator
This guy devastates the good intentions of those around him. He is always divisive and pessimistic. He never has anything positive to say. In the church computer – he’s the virus.

Carmen Tator
Carmen is Davis Tator’s daughter. She sits in the back row and comments on everything and everybody.

Speck Tator
When asked to participate, he says no. He just spectates.

Agi Tator
She is the oldest member of the Tator family. She’s busy in the church…busy agitating others.

Iri Tator
He is the twin sister of Agi Tator, irritating everyone.


However, there are some wonderful people in the Tator family…for example:

Facili Tator
This brother exhibits an excellent spirit of cooperation and optimism. He the guy to see to get the job facilitated correctly.

Medi Tator
This young man is grounded in God’s Word, meditating on it day and night. He ponders deeply what the pastor says. He’s one of the best members of the Tator family. 

Sweet Tator
She is the most cooperative member of the Tator Family. She takes a proactive role in meaningful activities. She is generous with her time and talents….and never agitates, dictates, or hesitates.

Maxim of the Moment

The bonds of matrimony don’t profit you unless the interest is kept up.