Rapture……..Are You Prepared?

Jesus is coming.
He said He would (Jn.14:3).
The Spirit of God said He would (I Thess.4:16).
Angels said He would (Acts 1:11).

We must prepare for this event because it is so pragmatic:

<> It stimulates expectation
<> It stimulates study
<> It stimulates soulwinning
<> It stimulates thankfulness
<> It stimulates hopefulness
<> It stimulates prayerfulness
<> It stimulates holiness
<> It stimulates watchfulness
<> It stimulates faithfulness
<> It stimulates fearlessness
<> It stimulates moderation
<> It stimulates repentance
<> It stimulates patience
<> It stimulates obedience
<> It stimulates endurance
<> It stimulates perseverance

People often confuse the Rapture with the Second Coming.
    But these are two distinct events separated by the seven year Tribulation.

The Rapture occurs before the Tribulation.
The Second Coming occurs after the Tribulation.

The Rapture can take place now.
The Second Coming cannot take place until after the Tribulation.

The Rapture takes us out of this world.
The Second Coming brings us back to the world again.

In the Rapture, Jesus comes to get us.
In the Second Coming, we return from heaven with Him.

In the Rapture, He only appears to the saints
In the Second Coming, He appears to the world.

Reasons for the Rapture:

To fulfill prophecy.
To get the saints out before the Tribulation.
To clear the way for the Antichrist to appear.
To reward us.
To have the Marriage Supper with us.
To change our mortal bodies.
To present us to the Father with exceeding joy.
To teach the world that God’s promises are true.

There are only two qualification for the Rapture:

1. Belong to Jesus   (I Thess. 4:16-17)
2. Live a sanctified life   (Eph.5:27)



          – by A. Gordon Nasby, Pulpit DIgest

Some years ago, a tourist was taveling along the shores of Lake Como in Northern Italy.
When he reached a castle, a friendly gardner opened the gate and showed him the grounds,
  which the old man kept in perfect order.
    The tourist asked when the owner had last been there.
“Twelve years ago.”
“Does he ever write to you?”
“Well, from whom do you get your instructions?”

“From his agent in Milan.”
“Does he ever come here?”
“Never. I’m almost always here alone. Only once in a while does a tourist come.”
“But I see you keep this garden in such excellent condition…as if you expect
    your mater to come tomorrow.”

The gardner promptly replied; “Today, sir; today”.

Let’s be just as prepared for our Master to return….today.


Be Rapture-Ready…..and take encouragement from
      the words of Henry Burton, written in 1886.


The world is full of singing; I hear it everywhere;
    The bells of flowers are ringing, out on the scented air.
The blood of Christ is flowing – it’s waves around me roll;
    For my Lord has found me, and there’s music in my soul.

My heart was fond of sighing, without the hope of song;
    And self was ever trying to make its weakness strong.
But now, in Him confiding, His Word has made me whole;
    Forever in Christ abiding, there’s music in my soul.

My life was full of sadness and overwhelmed with care;
    But now His oil of gladness results in joyous prayer.
Today my ear is straining – to hear heavenly anthems roll;
    I know that He is coming soon, for there’s music in my soul.


Maxim of the Moment

Success in marriage isn’t finding the right person: it’s being the right person.