Psalm 91 – A Psalm of Trust

Read Psalm 91.

Psalm 91 bespeaks faith at its very best. Of all the Psalms, it is one of the most assuring and cheerful. (Compare it with Psalm 46.) A highly optimistic flavor is apparent throughout.

This Psalm bespeaks the security of one who trusts the Lord, and tells us of the rewards for living near to God. We can be sure it was written to encourage those who were exposed to dangers, fear and temptations.

In Psalm 91, we discover the condition of the godly, their security and safety and the end result of a life lived for God. This is heavenly medicine to fight depression and was written to comfort and give strength to God’s people in all generations. Many commentators agree that this Psalm was a responsive in antiphonal arrangement. Some have suggested this Psalm was sung by a choir or a group with alternating responses. For example, verses 1 and 2 were recited by one person or group, then verses 3 and 4 was the response to these thoughts by another group. The first group encourages others to trust in God. The second group responds, encouraging others to trust God also. Try this with your spouse:

First speaker:  verses 1-2
Second speaker: verses. 3-4
First speaker:  verses 5-8
Second speaker:  verses 9-13
A third speaker (which could be both husband and wife) sums it all up with verses 14-16.

Other commentators have suggested that this Psalm was sung by two choirs.
The first choir sings a truth; the second choir then responds to it. This also can be done with you and your spouse:

First choir: verse 1
Second choir: verse 2 – the response
First choir: verses 3-8
Second choir: verse 9 – the response
First choir: verses 10-13
Second choir: verses 14-16 – the response

Although there is no proof that Psalm 91 was designed to be used in public responsive singing (antiphonal), we still have the lyrics. In any case, the general arrangement is very meaningful:

Verses 1-2: Declaration of God as refuge
Verses 3-8: Benefits of so trusting in Him
Verse 9: Further declaration of God as our refuge
Verses 10-13: Further declaration of the benefits of this fact
Verses 14-16:  A general summary or declaration of all of the above – to trust, abide and to confide in the Lord.

The Psalm opens with an encouragement to “abide” in God. How interesting that the Hebrew word “abide” in verse one can also mean to “spend the night.” Let us seek to “spend the night” with God as we spend it with our spouse.

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