Proving God

Money is important to us, for we earn it “by the sweat of our brow” (Gen. 3:19). Jesus spoke on this topic more than any other. However, whenever Jesus talked about money it was always to deemphasize its importance. Jesus warns it is hard for the rich to enter heaven (Mt. 19:23). He does not want us wasting time worrying about material things. What we possess can actually “possess” us. This is why Paul calls covetousness idolatry (Col. 3:5).

We are instructed to not store up treasure here on earth. Anything we own can be lost, stolen, or used up (Mt. 6:19). But nothing is perishable in heaven. Heaven is the only bank that cannot be robbed (v. 20). What you truly value governs your world view, for “where your treasure is, there is your heart also” (v. 21). What we pursue determines where our heart is.

Stewardship is God’s program for financial success and happiness. A steward is one entrusted with something. We are stewards of our time, our talents, and our treasure. We give God our time when we pray, our talents when we witness, and our treasure when we tithe. Giving is a discipline and the root of discipline is the word “disciple.” Obedient disciples are promised personal, material, and spiritual blessings (Mal. 3:7-12). Our giving should be sacrificial, systematic, and sincere.

Nothing on earth is ours to keep. We brought nothing into this world and it is certain we will carry nothing out (I Tim. 6:7). He explicitly challenges us to prove Him concerning money (Mal. 3:10). Human beings steal from other humans hoping they will not get apprehended. But when you steal from God, you always get caught. God gives us the power to get wealth and we must not attempt to rob Him (Deut. 8:18). Although such theft is a serious charge, it is not beyond repentance and forgiveness. When we withhold our tithe, we put our money into a bag with holes.

The blessings God are always conditional. If you knock the door will open, but you must knock first (Lk. 11:9). When you call on the name of the Lord you will be saved, but you must call first (Acts 2:21). When you tithe you will be blessed, but you must tithe first (Mal. 3:10). Tithers have problems handling all the blessings attached to it, for the windows of heaven are poured out upon them.

Withholding your tithe shuts heaven’s windows but obedience opens them. Tithing means rearranging your financial priorities. He asks us to “prove Him now.” for we cannot prove Him yesterday. Don’t expect God to fit into your financial plan: fit into His. He wants you to prove Him that He may bless you abundantly.

Although your current financial situation may appear impossible to resolve, take a step of faith and begin to tithe. By doing so, you move into the supernatural realm where God will abundantly bless you.

Maxim of the Moment

Love is made sweet by compliments; not commands.