Onward and Upward, Christian Soldier

Onward and Upward

          –  Fanny Crosby/Ira Sankey

Onward and upward, Christian soldier;
Turn not back – not sheath thy sword,
Let its blade be sharp for conquest,
In the battle for the Lord.

From the Great White Throne eternal,
God Himself is looking down;
It is He who now commands thee;
Take thy cross and win the crown.

Onward and upward – doing, daring;
All for Him who died for thee.
Face the foe and meet with boldness
Danger, whatsoever it may be.

From the watchtowers of glory
Saints of God are looking down;
You can almost hear them shouting:
“Let no one take thy crown!”

Onward ‘till thy course is finished,
Like the ransomed ones before;
Keep the faith through persecution
And never give the battle over.

Onward and upward ‘till victorious,
And you put your armor down.
When your Savior – He shall call thee;
At His feet you’ll lay your crown.




Maxim of the Moment

Divorces are often caused by two people madly in love with themselves.