Ode to Anna

Anna Marie Knoles is a precious jewel in the crown of God. Anna Marie was born December 27, 2002 and died September 4, 2003. She was our one and only grandbaby. She was with us only 252 wonderful days but long enough to have an eternal impact. She had a short but very happy life. Everything that Anna Marie did, she did perfectly. 

Anna Marie was lovingly cared for by all who knew her. She never heard a harsh word nor ever spoke one. In fact, she never spoke at all. Anna Marie impacted our lives in every positive way. She has helped us to appreciate children even more. She has helped us to appreciate the brevity of life.

We liked to call her our Little Tumbleweed—a precious life that tumbled into our lives and quickly tumbled out. We don’t know why Anna had to leave us but we know where she is now—safe in the arms of Jesus. He has brought her back to an innumerable company of other angels. 

She was a tiny angelic messenger sent from heaven, a little life we were privileged to hold for a few fleeting moments. She was a perfect sinless human being sent to remind us of the perfect sinless baby sent from heaven—God’s only Son.

Anna is a statement that all life is valuable. That such tiny human beings are born on earth everyday is an evidence of the continuing grace of God.

Today, we weep with those who weep for their departed children and grandbabies. We weep with those who have missing children. We weep for single moms who carry secret heavy burdens. Let’s pray today for those who are suffering the loss of loved ones. Anna Marie died in John’s arms in the hospital. To all who have lost babies, we are with you in Spirit. We pray God’s precious Holy Spirit will comfort you, as He did us, during your time of loss. Over her small white casket, John said these words…….

All that knew thee, loved thee, Anna,
Those who called thy name praised thee.
May thy little body rest gently
‘Neath the green turf above thee.
Warm Autumn sun, shine softly here
Sweet western winds blow kindly here;
Green sod above, lie softly upon our Anna,
For she was not heavy upon thee
And honor now, good earth, with precious slumber,
The perfect jewel you now contain.

Maxim of the Moment

The bankrupt man is the man who has lost his enthusiasm. - H.W. Arnold