Islam and Jesus

Let’s be fair about Islam. Is it unfair to point out that the last three letters in Muhammad are “Mad”? Is it fair to brand all who worship Allah as terrorists? Islam calls itself a “tolerant religion” – but is it?

What is Islam? It is simply a religion founded by the Arab apostle Muhammad who was born in 570 and died at age 62 in 632. The “revelations” of this man were collected in a book called the Koran. Muslims believe they are the inspired words and thoughts of Allah, the Arabic word for God. This religion was eventually named Islam, meaning “surrender to the will of God.” But in this faith, obedience to God means being Muslim,  with zero tolerance for Christianity or any other religion. In New York September 11, 2001, several thousand Americans paid the price for not being Islamic.

Since that time, Americans have become increasingly aware of lunatic fringe movements within the Islamic world such as Jihad. If there are still some Americans who think that Islam is just another, peaceful world religion, let’s ask a few probing questions:

<> Why was the filmmaker Theo van Gogh murdered by Mohammedans for exposing the more violent aspects of their religion?

<> Why does Islam offer peace only to its adherents?

<> Why are women degraded and forbidden formal education?

<> If most Muslims are pro-life, how do they explain the frequent suicide bombings of pregnant women and children?

<> If Islam believes in abolition, why so some Islamic countries today still promote slavery?

<> When a Muslim says he/she opposes the murder of civilians, how do they explain events at the World Trade Center?

<> Has Christianity spread by the blood of its martyrs or by killing off all opposition?

We must remember that it is primarily the extreme anti-Semitism of Islam that has made the United States a target. It is a hatred that is not based on reason, but focuses on all those who befriend God’s chosen people.

Let us pray this year for revival in Muslim countries with heavy Muslim populations. May they see the compassion of Jesus poured out upon those who hate Him…by those who love Him.

Maxim of the Moment

You have to be careful about being too careful. - Beryl Pfizer