I am Your Bible…on the Shelf

January 15 – I’ve been resting quietly for a week. The first few nights after New Year’s Day my owner read me regularly. He vowed to read all of me this year. But I’m forgotten.

February 2 – Clean-up day!  Dusted along with some other things—but back on the shelf.

February 24 – Owner used me for a short time after dinner. Looked up a few verses. Went to Sunday School. Never opened me up.

April 10 – I was dusted today and put on the coffee table in the living room.  Special company was here, but now I’m back on the shelf again-wedged between the PC manuals and the hot new DVD’s.

May 12 – Busy day.  My owner had to lead a devotional lesson and had to look up some references.  Had quite a time finding me, and then hunted to find those references.

June 5 – Grandma is here on a visit. I’m in her lap. She let a tear fall on Colossians 2:5.

June 6 – In Grandma’s lap again.  She has spent most of her time reading I Corinthians 13 and the last four verses of the 15th chapter. She’s getting ready for her “finals”.

June 7, 8, 9 – I’ve been in Grandma’s lap each afternoon.  It is such a comfort to be appreciated and loved. She reads me part of the time, then just sits and talks with my Author.

June 10 – Grandma is gone and I’m back in the same old place. She kissed me before she left.

July 4 – Had a couple of four-leaf clovers and an oak leaf stuck in me today by the children.  I wonder why their folks don’t encourage them to read me?

August 1 – Packed in a suitcase with clothes. Off on a vacation, I suppose.

August 7 – Still in the suitcase. I wonder if they are reading the motel’s Gideon Bible?

August 12 – In the suitcase though everything else has been in and out many times.

August 15 – Home again and on the shelf.  Quite a journey.  Can’t see why I went.

September 3 – Rather stuffy and hot sitting here on the coffee table in the sun. The TV guide, a novel, and an old hat are on top of me. I’m a victim of priorities, I guess.

October 18 – Used by Mary a few minutes today.

November 10 – Was carried to church today and held up to be counted.

December 16 – Dusted again.  I’m lonesome. Wish Grandma would come to visit again.

December 31 – Tomorrow I expect each family member open me to find a New Year’s Verse. You know, just for luck. For their sakes, I hope they don’t put a finger on Matthew 4:4 and read it…. 



“The devil does not fear a dusty Bible.”

Read your Bible through every year by reading just three chapters each day, and arm yourself against Satan’s tactics.

Maxim of the Moment

Rare is the one you can long hold dear.