I am Your Bible…on the Shelf

January 15 – I’ve been resting quietly for a week. The first few nights after New Year’s Day my owner read me regularly. He vowed to read all of me this year. But I’m forgotten.

February 2 – Clean-up day!  Dusted along with some other things—but back on the shelf.

February 24 – Owner used me for a short time after dinner. Looked up a few verses. Went to Sunday School. Never opened me up.

April 10 – I was dusted today and put on the coffee table in the living room.  Special company was here, but now I’m back on the shelf again-wedged between the PC manuals and the hot new DVD’s.

May 12 – Busy day.  My owner had to lead a devotional lesson and had to look up some references.  Had quite a time finding me, and then hunted to find those references.

June 5 – Grandma is here on a visit. I’m in her lap. She let a tear fall on Colossians 2:5.

June 6 – In Grandma’s lap again.  She has spent most of her time reading I Corinthians 13 and the last four verses of the 15th chapter. She’s getting ready for her “finals”.

June 7, 8, 9 – I’ve been in Grandma’s lap each afternoon.  It is such a comfort to be appreciated and loved. She reads me part of the time, then just sits and talks with my Author.

June 10 – Grandma is gone and I’m back in the same old place. She kissed me before she left.

July 4 – Had a couple of four-leaf clovers and an oak leaf stuck in me today by the children.  I wonder why their folks don’t encourage them to read me?

August 1 – Packed in a suitcase with clothes. Off on a vacation, I suppose.

August 7 – Still in the suitcase. I wonder if they are reading the motel’s Gideon Bible?

August 12 – In the suitcase though everything else has been in and out many times.

August 15 – Home again and on the shelf.  Quite a journey.  Can’t see why I went.

September 3 – Rather stuffy and hot sitting here on the coffee table in the sun. The TV guide, a novel, and an old hat are on top of me. I’m a victim of priorities, I guess.

October 18 – Used by Mary a few minutes today.

November 10 – Was carried to church today and held up to be counted.

December 16 – Dusted again.  I’m lonesome. Wish Grandma would come to visit again.

December 31 – Tomorrow I expect each family member open me to find a New Year’s Verse. You know, just for luck. For their sakes, I hope they don’t put a finger on Matthew 4:4 and read it…. 



“The devil does not fear a dusty Bible.”

Read your Bible through every year by reading just three chapters each day, and arm yourself against Satan’s tactics.

Maxim of the Moment

A problem is a chance for you to do your best. - Duke Ellington