Eagle’s Wings

All eagle species are facinating, but consider, for example, the Bald Eagle:

They are birds of prey with strong feet and talons and can spot a penny on the ground from two thousand feet. They are monogamous and mate for life, become stronger as they get older, and are fully mature at 4-5 years of age. Its speed of flight can exceed 40 mph, but can dive at nearly 100 mph. They feed on live prey and try to surprise them on the ground. They can snatch fish from the water. Some are strong enough to kill jackals and small antelope. Eagles know how to use adverse winds to soar. It may ascend in a thermal updraft – then glide for miles.

To preface his remarks about eagles, Isaiah address a people who are in despair (40:27). They distrust God and accuse Him of being ignorant of their circumstances. The people do not think He is either omniscient (all-seeing) or omnipotent (all-powerful). They voice serious doubts concerning His capabilities. Because their complaints are unjustified, Isaiah proceeds to attempt to shame them out of their distrust. God’s people are in covenant with Him and should never question His willingness or ability to deliver them.

While it’s easy to say “people should trust God”, remember their circumstances: they are in Babylonian bondage. They claim God is blind to their problem, but God claims they have turned a deaf ear to His solution. He was speaking….but they were not listening. God, through Isaiah, asks a double-question. “Have you neither known nor heard that the Lord, the everlasting God, eternal Creator God is not encumbered by human frailities?” He neither faints nor grows weary, for He needs no rest (v.27-28). If God went to sleep, the earth would perish. Because He is never fatigued, He can help those who are. He’s looking out for His people 24/7. He made the world and is concerned about those that live in it….and tirelessly listens to their complaints.

God’s intellect is unfathomable. Thought they be hidden from us, He has specific reasons for His actions….and His inactions. We cannot figure Him out through education, investigation or exploration. The Lord is never at a loss for what to do next: He is not indecisive. Isaiah tells the people if they really knew God as they claimed, they would trust Him. The prophet points out God’s absolute incomprehensibility. How absure that finite humans pretend to understand the infinite Creator of all things.

And God is willing to give His power to those who are ready to give up (v.29). His resilience does not deminish; He gives strength to those that need it. Those who have lost hope and are weary He is pleased to help. Paul says he delights in his afflictions because then he is in a position to receive God’s strength (II Cor.12:10). While even the strongest, robust, athletic, vigorous young people become tired, God is never exhausted (v.30).

God’s origional questions, “Why do you doubt Me? Haven’t you known? Haven’t you heard?” have been answered. Those who trust in His power and pray – those who wait upon the Lord – will have a distinct advantage. Their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength will be renewed (v.31). The Hebrew phrase here means “they will exchange their energy for His”. We are candidates to receive His strength when we stop trusting in our own. Like the eagle, we will then begin to rise above earthy circumstances. We will fly tirelessly and effortlessly above our difficulties. We will ascend above a world that binds others to its problems. We will grow stronger as we fight the winds of adversity. We will spiritually progress in three ways: we will run without fatique, walk without tiring, and soar effortlessly. Our everlasting Creator is unweared, unfathomable and trustworthy. He will ever renew and uplift His people.

Maxim of the Moment

A problem is a chance for you to do your best. - Duke Ellington