Don’t Take It Personally!

Matthew 24:6-8

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars…for nation shall rise against nation…but the end is not yet.”

Jesus said that these things are just “the beginning of sorrows”. Terrorism is nothing new, but September 11, 2001 made it dramatic. Put terrorism in the Biblical context and ask, “Where does it fit into the end times?”

The Church should be waking up to do something, but what? Thousands died as a result of September 11, but one-half of the world’s population will die during the Tribulation. Many in America are asking, “What did we do to these terrorists to deserve this?” Satan doesn’t care about hurting you personally. After all, what did you ever do to him? But if you love Jesus you will be targeted by the forces of hell. The terrorists, the sons of Ishmael, do not care about hurting you personally. We, as a nation, love Israel and that is why we are the terrorist’s target. They do not hate you individually; they hate Isaac’s friends collectively. Don’t take terrorist activities personally; view it biblically.

Few people saw September 11 in the context of the Middle East and as part of the era that precedes the Tribulation period. America looked so hard at why it happened, she forgot to consult her Bible to see how it fit into eschatology. It was not Germans that bombed the trade centers nor was it the Chinese. It was Arabs. Four thousands years ago it was predicted that Ishmael would be “a wild man, and he would be against everyone and everyone would be against him” (Genesis 16:12). His descendants have proven that prophecy is accurate.

What happened at the Twin Towers was a short DVD right out of Revelation chapter four. The enemies of Isaac bombed the friends of Isaac. The United States doesn’t hate Ishmael,  they just love Isaac. And God has promised to bless the nation that blesses Israel. But in the mind of Ishmael, no nation can love Isaac and Ishmael too. To make any sense out of September 11, you have to go to the Word of God. That is where ancient history blends with current events. The Word of God is not interpreted through our daily headlines, our daily headlines have to be interpreted through God’s Word.

So, don’t take it personally; take it prophetically. It’s not about America or terrorists. It’s about the Church preparing for the Rapture. The world looks at September 11 and asks “Why?”  The Church asks why and comes up with the word “Rapture.”  Are you ready to go?

Maxim of the Moment

Where there is much love there are few regrets.