Biblical Panorama

Biblical Panorama

Genesis tells how the world was made by God’s creative hand,
While Exodus shows the Hebrews marching toward the Promised Land.

Leviticus contains God’s Law, which is holy, just, and good.
Numbers is the record of the descendants of Abraham’s blood.

Deuteronomy recalls God’s mighty deeds.
Joshua into Canaan the nation of Israel does lead.

Judges shows rebellion will cause the Lord to smite.
Ruth tells of a woman well-pleasing in God’s sight.

In Samuel the exploits of David we read.
Kings provides details of Judah and Israel’s seed.

Chronicles shows how Judah into bondage is led,
While Ezra leads a remnant back with princely Cyrus’ aid.

Nehemiah the wall of Jerusalem builds again;
Esther saves her people from the hands of wicked men.

Job tells how faith survives beneath the chastening rod.
Psalms are precious to every child of God.

Proverbs shows that wisdom will never die.
Ecclesiastes teaches nothing on earth can ever satisfy.

Solomon’s Song exalts sweet Sharon’s rose.
Isaiah to us the Suffering Servant shows.

Jeremiah the apostate Israel scorns:
Lamentations bewails their fate and mourns.

Ezekiel tells of dazzling mysteries.
Daniel future kings and empires sees.

Hosea of judgment and mercy loves to tell.
Joel points to future days when God with man shall dwell.

Amos among the herdsmen answers the call.
Obadiah prophecies of Edom’s final fall.

Jonah is a wondrous type of Christ our risen Lord.
Micah says sinful Judah will one day be restored.
Nahum warns that on Nineveh judgment will be poured.

Habakkuk’s vision a view of Chaldea does give.
Zephaniah tells the Jews they must repent to live.

Haggai writes to those who saw the temple built again.
Zechariah prophecies of Christ’s triumphant reign.

Malachi is the last to sound a high prophetic cord:
His final exhortation is the coming of the Lord.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John the glorious Gospels wrote;
Describing Jesus’ life and what He taught.

Acts records the Spirit’s work with signs in every place;
Romans teaches how men are saved by grace.

Corinthians provides us all with practical instruction;
Galatians shows faith is a basic spiritual function.

Ephesians pictures what Believers ought to be;
Philippians and Colossians provide truth for all eternity.

Thessalonians tells how the Lord will come from heaven;
Timothy and Titus receive the pastoral advice that is given.

Philemon describes the selfless love which only Christians know;
Hebrews shows how the gospel was prefigured by the Law.

James teaches that without holiness our faith is dead;
Peter points to the narrow road in which the saints are led.

John in his three epistles on love delights to dwell;
Jude gives a warning regarding judgment, death, and hell. 

Revelation is a prophecy of that glorious day
When Christ will come forever with us to stay.

The Pentecostal Evangel, 1929

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