Bible Facts in US History

Few Christians in our country are familiar with the fascinating facts about the role the Bible has played in US history. Consider the following:

<> American colonists were forbidden to print the Bible in English. Publishing Bibles in the English language was a protected trade in England. It was source of income for the royal families.

<> In 1782, the Continental Congress paid for the printing of an English translation in direct defiance of the King’s restriction.

<> The first Bibles printed in America stemmed from a missionary endeavor to reach American Indians and European immigrants. The first Bible printed in our country was a translation in the Algonquin Indian language.

<> Americans, not Europeans, were the first to publish a family Bible, an illustrated Bible, a children’s Bible, a brail Bible and a soldier’s Bible.

<> Almost all of our founding fathers saturated their writings with Scripture. The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and The Constitution all reflect the authority of God’s Word.

<> Yale, Princeton and Harvard were all origionally founded for the purpose of ministerial preparation, not secular training.

<> It’s true. The founding fathers did promote the separation of church and state. But why? To ensure that America would never have a state-sanctioned church as was true in England. Not one word of their writings reflects or promotes a separation of God from government.

Let’s get our facts straight and understand that our great country was founded on Christian principles.

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