The Way to Freedom

We are born into sin. God wants us to learn His truth and His wisdom, so that we can be liberated from sin. We must seek a new way of living and enjoy the freedom He has promised. We must let God’s spirit penetrate our hearts and fill us with His love and wisdom. We must allow Him to come into our lives and change us; to create for us a new vision and purpose. We must accept Christ in order to be free from sin’s bondage. This is best illustrated by an article printed in THE CHRISTIAN HERALD many years ago……


“A European who had been seized and imprisoned by an Abyssinian king was allowed to go outside the prison, but a heavy iron fetter on each ankle kept him from making his escape.

One day a European traveler saw him and took pity on him. But he dared not openly help him, for he was watched by the king’s officers. He was, however allowed to give the captive a book.

The poor prisoner was disappointed. He would have much preferred a gift of food or clothing. The book was laid aside and forgotten. Three years later, in an idle moment, he examined the book. There was something hard in the back cover. He pulled it out and behold….it was a file! He had found the very thing he needed most. He filed off his fetters, fled into the woods, and in a few days had reached the coast – free from pursuit.

But he could never forgive himself for having endured those three additional years of slavery. If he had only looked in the book he could have been free much sooner. So people neglect the Bible, which would set them free from the slavery of sin.”


Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.