Native American Twenty-third Psalm

The Great Father above the Shepherd Chief is – I am
His…and with Him, I want not.  He throws out to me a
rope – and the name of the rope is love. With it, He
draws me where the grass is green and the waters are
not dangerous. I eat and lie down and am satisfied.

Sometimes my heart is weak – and I am feeling low,
but He lifts me up again and shows me a good path.
The sound of His Name gives me new strength for my

Sometime – it may be very soon or it may be a long time –
He will draw me into a valley. It will be dark there, but
I will not be afraid, for it is there that the Chief Shepherd
will meet me and the hunger which I have in my heart
will be satisfied.

Sometimes, He makes the love rope into a stick when I
need correction – but afterwards He shows me great
affection. He spreads a table in front of me with all kinds
of good food. He puts His hand upon me and all my
tiredness is gone…..and I am at peace.

He gives me fresh water to drink till I thirst no more.
The good trail that He has cut for me I will follow through
this life and into the next….and with the Chief Shepherd
will I dwell in the lodge He has prepared –  forever.

Maxim of the Moment

Love’s wounds can only be healed by the one who caused them.