Native American Paraphrase of Psalm 91

He that lives in the teepee of the Most High
that stays in the lodge of the Great Spirit
I will say to Him:  “You are my hiding place
and my refuge, my God—I trust in You.”
For He will make me to escape from the trap of the
oppressor and from the great sickness.
He will cover me with His feathers and
under His wings will I hide.
He is like a shield and spear.
I will not be afraid of the surprise attack at
night nor of the arrow that flies in the day, nor
of the danger that moves silently into camp at night,
nor for the battle in heat of day.
A thousand may fall at my side, 10,000 at my
right hand; but death will not come near me.
I will only look with my eyes and will count
the slain enemy.
Because I have made the Great Spirit’s lodge
mine, no evil shall diminish my power.
Nothing bad shall come near my family’s dwelling.
For He will send His angels to take care of me, to
keep me on the right path.
My God has promised to take me up in His hands so that I
do not crush my foot on a stone.
He will tread on the lion and on the rattler; the
young lion and the scorpion He will crush under
His moccasin.
Because He walks by me in love, I will escape my enemies.
He takes care of me, because He knows my name.
When He calls to me, I will sit with Him.
He will be with me in trouble.
He will rescue me and give me His medicine.
I will feast with Him through many sunsets and will make
Him to know that I and He are One Spirit.

Maxim of the Moment

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