Dating & Courtship

Overcome Evil with Good

Responding to evil with love and compassion is one of the most basic tenants of the Christian faith


Imagine yourself out on the field. It’s the first day of the season and you are running for the kick-off. The eyes of everyone in the grandstand are on you, expecting your best and cheering you on. But just as you approach the ball, you suddenly realize how little you really know about football. What will you do after you kick the ball? You’ve had no preparation and no training. At this juncture, it’s too late to admit you’re not ready for the big game.

Finding the Right One

The word “love” has been so abused it is hard to define. Fortunately, there are ways to tell of you are really in love with someone. Many of my people in my Eastern Cherokee Nation get married for the wrong reasons and find themselves “unequally yoked” as husband and wife (II Cor. 6:14).

Should You Get Married?

Whenever I am asked to speak to singles’ groups the two favorite questions are: Should I get married? To whom?

Real Talk About Sex

I am concerned about the amount of sex on TV. Sex has always been prevalent in the movies, but TV brings huge sexual issues right into the home. It’s not healthy to have so much on the topic of illicit sex thrown in our faces.

Preparing Your Kids to Resist

I never remember my parents talking to me about sex. I knew that sex before marriage was wrong, but my parents never gave me any advice about how to cope with the temptations that face any young person who thinks they are in love.

Infatuation or Love?

A couple who has an intense physical attraction often finds it difficult to know if they are in love.  The following questions are designed to help determine whether the relationship is based primarily on physical feeling or if it is mature love.

Dating & Courtship Maxims

Here are a few random thoughts, old sayings, maxims, humor and wisdom regarding dating and courtship.

Maxim of the Moment

The bonds of matrimony don’t profit you unless the interest is kept up.