Thoughts Before Spending

There are some considerations that should be made before spending – it could save your budget!

Gaming and Gambling

Gaming, the “politically correct” word for gambling is just a euphemism for gambling. It is used because it sounds more like harmless fun when we use the word “game.”  But is there a real danger in trying to make the quick buck?

Building a Budget

Financial stress is a large reason for problems in a marriage.  Learning to manage the funds that come into our home and living within our means is vital in leading toward a successful marriage.

Homosexuality – An Ounce of Prevention

If a conversation about homosexuality continues for any length of time, you can be sure you’ll hear some statements that aren’t exactly true. Here are a few untruths about homosexuality you’re likely to encounter.

Home Alone Safety Tips for Latchkey Kids

Statistics show that unsupervised children are at greater risk of being involved in accidents and being harmed by strangers, siblings or friends. Here are some tips from the Police Department to help keep your kids safe at home.

Help With Homework

Have you ever wondered why your children have so much homework? Does it seem like homework is taking over your life as well as theirs? How much help should you give your children with their homework and school projects?

Family Devotions

Many parents want wonderful, memorable devotional times, yet they lack ideas. They know devotions are vital to the success of a family, but can it be meaningful, relevant and fun? A parent must first realize the importance and significance of family prayer and devotions. If they don’t, it will be impossible to communicate it to their children.

Maxim of the Moment

Chase your passion – not your pension. - Denis Waitley