Moments for Moms

In Spite of Failure

The biblical prophet Elijah fascinates me. Elijah was willing to take huge risks for God.

God Who Sees Me

Does anyone know the real you? Does anyone care what you are really like?

Joy Based on Truth

Joy is something that should be a basic part of our personality as a Christian.

Time To Let Go

If you are finding it hard to let go, know that all of us do.

Live Well, My Sons

I have to let my sons go. It is part of my job. They need to be able to bond with the women God has picked for them to marry.

Learn to Adjust Expectations

When people do not meet your expectations there is a temptation to become bitter, pout, and punish everyone around you with your attitude.

Maxim of the Moment

Success in marriage isn’t finding the right person: it’s being the right person.