Marriage is Honorable

In the United States, marriage is treated more cheaply than any place else. Permissiveness today is society’s standard and moral restraint is relegated to the archives. Experimentation is accepted as normative. But God did not establish the morality of the twenty-first century.

The Marriage Creed

Here are 12 important statements to making your marriage what you want it to be.

Reasons to Avoid Adultery and Fornication

Generally speaking, adultery refers to sexual sin committed by a married person and fornication covers all other sexual sins. However, the terms adultery and fornication are often used interchangeably in the Word of God. Sinners will seek immorality before immortality. Immorality ignores God’s moral authority. God still calls sin sin. He is not concerned with 21st century “political correctness.”

Maxim of the Moment

Chase your passion – not your pension. - Denis Waitley