Health Issues

Caffeine: Slow Suicide

Caffeine is the lifelong drug of choice for most Americans and is legal in all fifty states. It is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive substance. The USA is the largest coffee-drinking country in the world. In some form, 90% of Americans use caffeine daily.

Vaccines: Not Just for Kids

Part of your yearly checkup may be getting up-to-date on your immunizations. It’s easy to forget or intentionally avoid the dreaded needle poke, but a couple of simple shots can protect you from some pretty nasty illnesses.

Planning Meals

Good, nourishing food is a gift you can give to your family every day. Good food does not need to be expensive. The key to tasty food is forethought and preparation.

Men’s Health Issues

Many men find a trip to the doctor an intimidating prospect. But no matter how unpleasant they seem, doctor visits and medical tests may save your life.


There’s nothing like eating a great meal two nights in a row. How can you make the most out of your leftovers? When should you throw them away? Here are the answers to 10 frequently asked leftover questions.


Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is a health threat for those with diabetes. The key to treating symptoms without sabotaging your diet is to prevent hypoglycemia before it happens.

How to Recognize Stroke Symptoms

It takes the average person 13 hours to recognize the seriousness of stroke symptoms and get to a hospital. During this time, the brain suffers irreparable and otherwise treatable damage.

Maxim of the Moment

Love is blind, but marriage is an eye-opener.