Free Credit Reports

Your are entitled to receive a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies.  Here’s how to do it so you can monitor your credit all year long.

Principles and Practices to Save Money

Finding ways to save money has been a fun project for us since we have been married.  Here are some tips we would like to share with you that we have used over the years.  Except for our house payment and with God’s help, we are out of debt.  It didn’t happen overnight, but we can testify that these ideas work if you implement them!

Steps to Help Prevent Fraud

Having your identity stolen is a serious invasion of your privacy .  But there are steps you can take to minimize the headaches associated with identity theft.

Marriage and Tithing

Financial issues continue to be the number one cause of divorce in the United States. Most all couples who find themselves in financial difficulties do not tithe. Tithing is an essential key to marital financial prosperity.

Why We Should Tithe

Money issues always seem to get our attention. We need to go to God’s Word to find out His perspective on our finances.

How to Live a Debt-Free Lifestyle

There are few compulsive debtors, for hardly anyone enjoys being under a financial burden. However, many people are addicted to spending. Americans bought over two trillion dollars worth of “stuff” last year simply because people tend to charge more than they earn. “In-your-face” advertisements convince the egocentric that “You deserve it.” But the buy now and pay later syndrome leads to financial ruin.

Thoughts Before Spending

There are some considerations that should be made before spending – it could save your budget!

Maxim of the Moment

Success in marriage isn’t finding the right person: it’s being the right person.